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From the well-established Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant, their sushi chef will teach you in detail on how to make sushi rice, fillet fish, and make your own sushi. Each lesson comes with a video and detailed description. First release consists of 5 lessons explaining the basic skills of making sushi. More lessons will follow in the future.


Sushi Lesson Vol.1 "How to prepare sushi rice"

In Lesson 1 of the sushi course, our sushi chef will teach you how to prepare your sushi rice. This comes with our secret recipe used at Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant.

Sushi Lesson Vol.2 "How to fillet fish"

If you want to serve your sushi, you should fillet your fish. In this lesson we will thoroughly explain how to fillet a mackerel, starting from removing the scales and guts to slicing it to be served.

Sushi LessonVol.3 "Basics of Hand shaped sushi - Nigiri-zushi"

Despite its simplicity, making a nigiri-zushi is not easy. In this lesson, our sushi chef will teach you how to make delicious, elegant nigiri-zushi. Step-by-step instructions with photos and videos, with tips from our sushi chef.

Sushi LessonVol.4 "Salmon roe warship roll - Gunkanmaki-zushi"

Salmon roe warship rolls (Gunkanmaki-zushi) are one of the all-time favorites. This lessons will teach you how to make delicious, elegant warship rolls. Step-by-step instructions with advice on the size of rice and nori is explained.

Sushi LessonVol.5 "Cucumber thin roll (Kappamaki) - Hosomaki-zushi"

This lessons teaches you how to make thin rolls. Thin rolls are convenient for various types of ingredients. It explains various know-hows on how to set and spread the rice, size of the nori, etc. from a professional's perspective.

About Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant

Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant is a well-established sushi restaurant that has been in business since 1955. January 2012, more than 300 students(1300 including repeating students) have participated, making a "Sushi-friend community" around the world. Sushi chef's wife is an English speaking teacher, translating the sushi lessons to students worldwide. Satsumaya Sushi Restaurant is continuously evolving by passing down the sushi-making tradition, encouraging local eating & local consumption, and promoting cultural exchange.